Millenium Falcon 1:241 modified

Fun Project, modified two small Revell Falcons to normal looking Millenium Falcons, the right one had some LED´s in the back to simulate the Hyper Drive and additonal a illuminated Cockpit. The Falcon got a complete new painting, before primer from MIG was used and the base color was gray. Afterwords some MIG washing was used to give more contrast, the panels have been painted in different gray shades. The right one should be from Episode IV-VI and the left one is from Episode VII with the square antenna, the round one was scratched of during the battle of the death star in Episode VI, the Falcon was aviated from Lando Calrissian and Co-Pilot was Nien Nunb.

Garbage Truck

My new Project: Garbage Truck in 1:48 Scratched build.

M4A3E2 Jumbo Part2

Some pictures from chipping and filtering, some mud is missing at the tracks.

German S-100 Class Schnellboot 1/350 BRONCO

My small Project during the weekend, it comes with photo etched parts and is built out from box. The water vignette was made with the same materials as my 1/700 Bismarck.

Start to colorize the Sherman Part 1 Primer

some chipping and Filter

Modulation style was sprayed

Basic color Olive drab

Primer from MIG was used

US Tank Crew Winter 44/45

Tank Crew for my Sherman Jumbo built.

Sherman M4A3E2 Engine Sound Modification

Improved my 1/35 Scale Tamiya M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo with a 20 second
sound record from a original Sherman Radial Engine. At moment the Sound is
activated with a Light sensor and in future it should work with a reed contact
and a movable part (stowage part). The next parts coming soon.